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In brief, you should know the following about us: Our Company was established in 1990. Our Primary Provider Staff have worked together for 35 plus years - and combined have over 100 years of industry specific experience - We are considered Experts. Our Goal is to provide customizable client service. Our Approach is a TEAM Approach- "Total Employer Assisted Management"℠ Our Specialty is Nation-Wide Services: Third Party Administration -Full Compliance (Implementation to Management) of Drug/Alcohol Testing Programs and Services, Medical Review Officer Services - Certified by AAMRO Collection Facility Management, Random Compliance Program Management, Court Ordered/Pre-Trial Intervention Testing, Onsite Collection Programs- Industry Specific, ie: Construction Site, Background Screenings, DNA Collections, and much more.


Drug and alcohol abuse can have a powerful impact on the workplace, home and the community. ADVANTAGECARE is committed, as a longstanding community/industry partner, to provide major components as part of the total solution to drug and alcohol abuse. We work to provide ongoing information and education to industry and the community on solutions like Drug- Free Workplace Programs for business; schools; and the courts.


We support our community Part of our mission is developing, promoting, and implementing strategies and policies supporting successful Drug Free Workplace Programs that will educate and reduce drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace carrying through to the home and community. The goal is to improve the workplace experience. Successful programs and communication can bring about increased productivity; safer work environment; improved corporate image; and a decrease in workforce turnover, tardiness, absenteeism, and health costs. We promote education of the problems and solutions through positive, effective, thorough communication and support which is critical to long term success. Ultimately, the entire community benefits from successful programs. We offer detailed programs and services that help make the preparation to implementation of drug free work place programs much easier for the client. We formulate turnkey programs customized to the needs and specifics of the business.


ADVANTAGECARE provides superior customer service to its clients and to its affiliates. If you have any questions or need additional information, you can speak directly with a customer service manager or to one of our MRO’s. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff stands ready to give the very best in professional and personalized services.



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